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Hypur’s Safe Checkout Option

In a very short time, COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way many companies, including cannabis operators,  do business. The impact the pandemic had on cannabis resulted in an immediate pivot towards pickup and delivery solutions. Along those lines, consumers are increasingly uncomfortable handling cash or even coming in close contact with budtenders or touching common surfaces. Hypur’s contactless checkout options are a perfect way to permit customers and employees to practice social distancing during checkout.

How the safe checkout works

When a customer is ready to pay for their pickup or delivery order, they need to input their PIN to authorize the transaction. Just like a traditional payment method, to pay with Hypur Pay customers enter their PIN on the dispensary or the cannabis delivery driver’s device.

With Hypur’s safe checkout option, delivery drivers can now opt to send customers a text message instead. That message has a link that opens in the web browser of the customer’s smartphone. On that secure webpage, consumers can input their PIN, authorizing the transaction from their device. They can even add a tip for the budtender or driver. Once the PIN is successfully entered and the payment goes through, both the customer and employee get a success message.

Hypur’s safe checkout solution benefits the community

There are countless benefits to using Hypur, particularly for cannabis delivery payments. By removing cash from the equation, not only are drivers less of a target for criminals, but they also don’t need to worry about handling cash as much and coming in contact with those germs. Consumers are also safer using this option by eliminating the need to touch cash or making unnecessary visits to an ATM.

Hypur already has integrations with a range of software providers, with many more being announced regularly. Whether your technology solution is with an established software vendor or a newcomer to the market, Hypur can help you reliably accept payment for cannabis delivery. Regardless of your delivery technology, Hypur’s safe checkout option lets you accept the payments for recreational or medical marijuana delivery while maintaining safe social distancing.

Hypur verifies that customers have sufficient funds to cover their purchases to reduce the risk of NSF transactions. Doing this during the checkout process online or when the customer enters their PAC on-porch reduces the chances that your driver will arrive on-site only to encounter an insufficient funds situation. It also means that your delivery drivers won’t need to drive around with a wide selection of change options to accommodate cash payments. Drivers are also able to modify invoices as needed, helping customers increase or reduce their orders if their needs or funds change.

Hypur is committed to the safety of the cannabis community. Using our reliable, cannabis payment solution, we are already working closely with the entire cannabis supply chain to improve the industry. Our safe checkout option is simply another feature of our product that adds convenience and peace of mind to these essential businesses.

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