safe checkout with contactless payments

Safe Checkout – Contactless Payments

Delivery and curbside pickup have become the preferred way, and often the only way, to buy things, including medical and recreational marijuana.

This reduces exposure between customers, store personnel, and store surfaces but the shortcoming is often the payment process.

Traditional secure payments for dispensaries make social distancing difficult and require the exchange of cash or cards or touching a pin pad or signature device.

In response to overwhelming requests for a safer checkout process, we modified our payment process to allow the parties to complete a transaction while remaining more than 6-feet apart and never touching a common surface.

What’s new

Don’t worry, paying with Hypur is still super-fast but now instead of entering your PAC number on a driver’s or store’s mobile device, you can enter your PAC number on your mobile device to finalize the transaction.

How it works

Consumers receive a text message from Hypur that contains a link to a secure webpage where they can enter their PAC number to authorize the transaction.

The delivery driver or store employee receives notification that the PAC number was accepted, and the transaction is complete.

The entire transaction can take place with the consumer and driver or employee well over 6 feet apart and you never have to touch a common surface. How cool is that?

How to use contactless payment


Consumers only need a free Hypur Profile to utilize Hypur Pay’s contactless option but you have to purchase from a store or delivery service that offers Hypur Pay safe checkout.


Businesses need two things:

1.       A Hypur merchant account; and

2.       Work with a delivery or order-ahead service that’s integrated with Hypur Pay.

We’re currently integrated with several of the largest delivery/order-ahead providers and many more will be available soon.

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