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Hypur’s On-Demand Order Creation

Hypur makes cannabis delivery payments super convenient with easy, contactless payments. But we know that consumers sometimes expect to pay with cash, only to realize that they don’t have enough. Or maybe your dispensary is using a different delivery partner that isn’t integrated with Hypur, yet. On-demand order creation seamlessly resolves these situations.

How on-demand orders work

Using the Hypur dashboard, you can create a Hypur order on demand. Drivers can do this when they arrive at their delivery destination, or dispensary employees can do it onsite for pickup. The simple process is:

  1. Select Pickup or Delivery from your Orders screen.
  2. Click the “Create Order” button.
  3. Enter the customer’s mobile phone number and purchase amount. You’ll also have the option to add an order number, if desired.
  4. Click “send text”.

Your consumer will receive a text message prompting them to input their Personal Access Code (PAC) to complete the transaction. If your dispensary has it enabled, consumers can also include a tip when entering their PAC. Both you and the consumer will receive a confirmation when the transaction goes through.

When to use on-demand orders

There are plenty of reasons to use this product feature. Here are just a few examples of when on-demand orders will benefit your business:

  • The consumer doesn’t have enough cash. Maybe they didn’t get to the ATM before the delivery driver arrived, or maybe the driver offers them a different product and there’s a price disparity. Either way, using an on-demand Hypur order eliminates the need for cash, giving customers and dispensary employees a convenient and reliable experience.
  • A phone-in or delivery order that did not select Hypur at checkout. If your customer called in their order but did not indicate that they were going to pay with Hypur, creating an on-demand order is an ideal solution. This lets the consumer still enjoy a quick and easy cashless transaction for cannabis pickup or delivery. You can even create the on-demand order while on the phone with the customer, ensuring that they make payment before your driver makes the journey, avoiding any wasted trips.
  • Your delivery provider isn’t integrated, yet. Hypur integrates with a variety of cannabis delivery partners including dutchie, Jane, and Caliva. If you’re using a different software technology, on-demand orders make it easy for you to still accept Hypur as a touchless payment method.

This modern solution ensures that cannabis pickup and delivery is convenient and reliable, without customers needing to rush out to the ATM or worry about having enough cash to pay for their product. By eliminating cash from the equation, both Hypur consumers and merchants can enjoy a better cannabis delivery experience.

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