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Hypur Partner Spotlight: Terrasana

House Bill 523 passed in 2016, making medical marijuana legal in Ohio. But retail sales only began in January 2019 at Ohio marijuana dispensaries. Even though the state-legal market is fairly new, the Ohio cannabis industry is thriving thanks to impressive businesses like Terrasana.

We reached out to the team at Terrasana about their experience in the legal cannabis industry in Ohio, and how Hypur has impacted their business. Here are their answers to our questions.

How long have you been in business? How long have you been using Hypur?

Terrasana opened its first dispensaries in March 2019, so we have been serving patients in Ohio for almost a year. We operate a total of four locations spread across the state, in Cleveland, Columbus, Fremont, and Springfield.

Terrasana launched its first location using Hypur Pay. and we have had it ever since.

Tell us about your business. What makes your dispensary/dispensaries unique?

Terrasana’s mission is summarized by three words: care, educate, lead. Since we made history by opening Central Ohio’s first medical marijuana dispensary, we have gone on to lead the Ohio cannabis industry in terms of excellence of retail operations, our commitment to patient education, and the deep connections we have forged in the communities we call home: hosting monthly Terra Talks education events, and participating in nonprofit causes like Pelotonia, The Mid-Ohio Food Bank, and many others.

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How has Hypur helped your business?

Hypur has helped us reach patients from all walks of life by allowing us to offer them a cash-free payment option.  New patients are often overwhelmed by the process of visiting the dispensary for the first time—and the idea of carrying around cash can be nerve-wracking. Platforms such as Hypur allow our patients to enjoy an anxiety-free visit to any of our dispensaries.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned since becoming a part of local cannabis community?

The amount of support we’ve received from our local communities has been incredible. We are passionate about educating our communities and host educational events throughout the state. Our website has an FAQ page where patients can visit and learn all about Ohio’s Medical Marijuana program—and we look forward to adding more content based on the feedback we receive from our patient community and other followers.


Where can people find you?

Our community can find us on social media using the handle @terrasanacc and on our website.

Terrasana sends out a weekly newsletter to update our communities on upcoming Terrasana educational events, new product updates and more!

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