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Hypur Launches Cannabis Electronic Payments for all Temescal Wellness Dispensaries in Massachusetts

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 9, 2019 – Hypur Inc. (Hypur) announced today that it has partnered with Temescal Wellness (Temescal) to launch Hypur Payments at their retail locations. Hypur brings a secure, reliable way for consumers to pay for cannabis. Hypur Payments is safer than using cash, faster than using an ATM, and more reliable than work-around payment options like stored value systems and cryptocurrency.

Security is important, especially at dispensaries where consumers traditionally must pay with large amounts of cash. This is risky for communities and consumers. Hypur Payments supplies a different, cashless solution: a direct account-to-account transfer.

Amy Froebel-Fisher, Senior Finance Executive at Temescal said, “Hypur brings more security to our dispensaries, keeping our communities safer. Hypur also provides our customers with an awesome experience in our stores – it’s easy for them to check-in and pay for product with Hypur!”

Unlike other cannabis payment solutions that offer cryptocurrency, offshore processing, or other workaround solutions, Hypur offers a direct account-to-account transfer. This protects customers’ personal information and is a permissible way to pay with Hypur’s financial institutions.

To further protect consumers and prevent fraud, Hypur uses Face or Touch ID and a 4-digit Personal Access Code (PAC). To better the customer’s experience in-store, Hypur offers automatic check-in to Temescal locations within a certain geographic radius. Once a consumer has selected their product, they simply enter their PAC and check out.

About Temescal Wellness

Temescal Wellness serves qualifying patients with a variety of high-quality cannabis medicines and education, in strict compliance with state and local rules and regulations. Our patients suffer from health conditions that are not sufficiently addressed with conventional treatments. We fill the void of traditional medicine.

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