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Hypur and dutchie – How the Integration Helps You

Hypur is committed to growing the legal cannabis industry, working with other business leaders, and forging partnerships that benefit the cannabis community. One such partner is dutchie, an online marketplace that connects consumers with their favorite local dispensaries and allows them to place an order for pickup or delivery.

Using dutchie and Hypur for cannabis pickup orders

Hypur provides online cannabis payments so customers can pay when they place their order using dutchie.

  1. After selecting products online and clicking checkout, customers choose to pay with Hypur for marijuana pickup. Users will be prompted to log in to their Hypur profile or create one.
  2. When picking up their product, a budtender finds the customer’s purchase on the list of pending orders for pickup.
  3. Customers enter their Personal Access Code (PAC) to finalize the transaction. This can be done on the counter keypad pad, or their own mobile device using Hypur’s safe checkout option.

Once the transaction is complete, customers will get an email and a text message confirmation. They can also add a tip for the budtender if tipping for your location is made available.

Marijuana delivery with dutchie and Hypur

It’s also easy for consumers to pay for a dutchie delivery order with Hypur. After adding products to their cart and clicking checkout:

  1. Customers choose Hypur as the payment method. Users will be prompted to log in to their Hypur profile or create one.
  2. When the driver arrives, they enter their PAC to authorize the transaction. This can be done using the driver’s device, or the consumer’s phone using Hypur’s safe checkout option.
  3. Customers can even tip the drivers from the PAC input screen if they wish.

Customers get an email and text message confirmation when the transaction is complete. Hypur maintains the convenience of cannabis delivery, with consumers not needing to visit an ATM or worry about having enough cash on hand.

Launch or scale your online ordering

Between the two partners, dutchie and Hypur have surged their merchant base to over 1,100 dispensaries. Both sides of the partnership have had to rapidly scale onboarding due to the COVID-19 pandemic – as dispensaries scrambled to launch or expand online ordering and cashless payments, dutchie and Hypur ensured seamless onboarding.

The partnership is particularly helpful for smaller marijuana-related businesses (MRBs). Dispensaries can use the technology quickly and easily, allowing their businesses to compete online and build their customer base to help combat the illicit market. Too many small MRBs have been disadvantaged in the past by a lack of technological resources and financial partners. This partnership can help businesses of all sizes realize their full potential and meet accelerating market demand in the changing economic and public health landscape.

Hypur and dutchie are committed to helping both small-scale dispensaries and multi-state operators (MSOs). With solutions that work for large and small businesses alike, the technology facilitates launching pickup and delivery or expanding these services. Whether or not your team includes developers and tech-savvy staff, the dutchie and Hypur integration makes online ordering accessible for your business.

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