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How Hypur Works with Caliva

Hypur is proud to partner with business leaders, helping to innovate and grow the legal cannabis industry. One such partner is Caliva, a vertically integrated cannabis brand that manages production, distribution, retail and delivery operations, and is committed to offering seamless access to cannabis products for people’s everyday well-being.

Safe and easy cannabis purchasing in-store

When you shop at a Caliva retail location, you can quickly and easily pay with Hypur.

  1. Within 100 feet of the location, check in with the Hypur app.
  2. After selecting product, simply tell the budtender that you’re paying with Hypur.
  3. Enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) to authorize the transaction. This can be done on the PAC pad, or your own mobile device using Hypur’s safe checkout option.

It’s just that easy! Once the transaction is complete, you’ll get an email and text confirmation. If you’d like, you can also add a tip for your budtender. Skip the ATM, and its fees, when you purchase cannabis with Hypur.

Convenient and secure cannabis delivery

You can also use Hypur to easily pay for your cannabis delivery from Caliva. After selecting your products and clicking checkout:

  1. Choose Hypur as your payment method.
  2. When the driver arrives, enter your PAC to authorize the transaction. You can do this on their device, or your own mobile device using Hypur’s safe checkout option.
  3. You can tip your driver from the PAC input screen.

You’ll get an email and text confirmation that the transaction was completed. Never again worry about having cash on hand, destroying the convenience factor of ordering cannabis delivery. Simply pay for cannabis with Hypur.

The safest way to pay for cannabis

Hypur uses a direct account-to-account ACH transfer to make it safe and convenient to pay for cannabis. Accepted at retail locations and online, Hypur is extremely reliable and has been processing cannabis payments.

Ditch the ATM and stop worrying about carrying cash – just pay with Hypur. The safest way to pay for cannabis, Hypur protects you in many ways.

Physical safety. You can use Hypur’s safe checkout option in-store or for delivery to reduce physical contact with shared devices, making it ideal for social distancing. Plus, you’ll avoid touching cash, which we already know is gross.

  • Data security. Hypur follows bank-level compliance and security protocols to protect your data. You can read more about how Hypur keeps your data safe and secure.
  • Financial safety. Unlike other payment methods that involve loading a prepaid card, cryptocurrency, or other workaround schemes, Hypur simply facilitates direct payments between you and the dispensary or delivery service. We aren’t middlemen, so you never need to worry about us disappearing with your funds.
  • Community safety. By removing cash from the equation, Hypur is working towards making the entire cannabis community safer. Dispensaries, cannabis delivery drivers, and consumers are all safer by holding less cash and reducing potential targeting by criminals.

It just makes sense that when you’re buying cannabis from a premium brand like Caliva, paying for your product should be quick, easy, and reliable. By partnering, Hypur and Caliva are proud to make your California cannabis delivery and in-store experience seamless and enjoyable.

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