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Using Hypur to Pay for Cannabis Delivery

When you order a pizza, you don’t think about how you’re going to pay for it. At Hypur, we think that cannabis delivery should be the same. Our integrated cannabis delivery payments makes paying for cannabis delivery as slick as paying for any other delivery.

Paying for marijuana delivery with Hypur Pay

Whether consumers choose to order a delivery of cannabis from the local dispensary or through a large online marketplace, they can use Hypur to pay. Once someone has picked out their products, they can simply click or tap “Pay with Hypur”. When the cannabis delivery driver arrives at their location, they input their Personal Access Code (PAC), authorizing the transaction. This can be done on the driver’s device, or on the customer’s phone using Hypur’s Safe Checkout Option. Orders can also be made on-demand if consumers forget to select Hypur as their payment method or they planned on using cash and decide to use Hypur instead.

Just like every other Hypur Pay™ experience, paying for marijuana delivery with Hypur is fast, easy, and convenient. No matter if it’s a recreational or medical cannabis delivery, paying with Hypur is always remarkably simple.

Hypur also offers debit card processing for cannabis delivery but debit payments must be done upon delivery, not at the time of order.

Seamless integrations

As the merchant, we know that you have your own unique approach to cannabis home delivery, which is why Hypur was built to fit in seamlessly with your platform. Regardless of your software, Hypur’s marijuana payment APIs can fit into your existing architecture, offering an effortless payment experience for your consumers.

Hypur already has existing integrations with a range of software providers, with many more being announced soon. Whether your technology solution is with an established software vendor or a newcomer to the market, Hypur can help you reliably accept payment for cannabis delivery. Hypur Pay is available nationwide, in recreational and medical marijuana markets.

Bringing safety and security to cannabis delivery

Transactions with Hypur are direct account-to-account transfers. Your business can automatically verify that a customer has enough funds to purchase the product they’ve ordered, giving you confidence that the transaction will go through, at 3 key points in the process. Customer balances are checked: during the checkout process online or with native application, at the counter for in-store pickup, and when the customer enters their PIN on porch which reduces the chances your driver will arrive on-site only to encounter an insufficient funds situation. It also means that your delivery drivers won’t need to drive around with a wide selection of change options to accommodate cash payments.

Marijuana delivery services are often seen by criminals as easy targets. Theft is common. When a cannabis delivery driver is robbed, the cash and product disappear without a trace. By opting for electronic payments with Hypur, cash is removed from the equation. This makes cannabis delivery a safer, more secure experience for the driver, consumer, and business owner.

People who choose to order cannabis delivery benefit from the convenience of paying with Hypur. There’s no need to go to an ATM or pay ATM fees, plus they don’t need to have large sums of cash in their home when the delivery arrives. Consumers can feel safe knowing that they are paying for products easily, without putting themselves at risk of theft.

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