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Proven Platform. Reliable Performance. Serious Security.

Hypur Pay is a proven, reliable B2C and B2B ACH payment solution for cannabis businesses. With over 600,000 transactions processed since 2016, Hypur Pay has never experienced an outage or shutdown (check our system status).

We take data security very seriously and are PCI DSS Certified and have a SOC 1, Type 2 Report. Hypur Pay is built for the future of cannabis with flexible APIs for limitless integrations.

The Proof is in the Numbers


Hypur Pay is a Proven Cannabis Payment Solution


Cross-Channel Payments.
Cross-Platform Compatibility.

Hypur Pay works across all your sales channels and with popular third-party order-ahead and delivery platforms. Your customers can use Hypur Pay however they shop. Hypur Pay is a cornerstone of our omni-channel payment solution.

Sales Channels

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Fast, Secure, Convenient.

Customers pay directly from their bank account to your bank account via ACH. We use bank-grade security and multiple steps to protect you from fraud.

Hypur Pay is convenient for you and your customers because they can pay in your store using our mobile app and with many popular delivery and order-ahead services. Sign-up and approval only takes 2-minutes.

Hypur Pay is an enterprise-level payment platform with a 99.9% NSF recovery rate ensuring you get paid. 

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Seamless Integrations. Modern Payments.

Robust APIs make it easy to integrate Hypur Pay into websites and mobile apps for seamless checkout and enhanced payment functionality. Hypur Pay integrates with POS systems, websites, online shopping carts, mobile apps, online marketplaces, and more.


Your Brand. Our Technology.

Looking for a payment solution beyond an integration? With Hypur Pay’s white label solution you can create your own branded payment solution. You get a personalized payment solution and we handle all the payment operations work.

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Additional Features of Hypur Pay

B2B Payments

Hypur Pay works for B2B transactions too and features the same security, reliability, and quick settlement but with additional features designed specifically for B2B payments. Learn more

Fraud Prevention

Advanced fraud prevention for you and your customers reduces fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, and headaches. Saving you money and time.

Live Support

Live U.S. based support 7-days a week via email and chat. Get quick answers to your questions so you can get back to running your business and helping customers.

Back Office Efficiency

Quick settlement – get your funds in 1 to 2 banking days. Straight forward pricing – simple, flat fee with gross settlement. Robust reporting – flexible, online reports make reconciliations fast and easy.

Rock Solid Technology.

Uptime is everything for mission-critical online and delivery payments. Hypur’s high availability, redundant servers work all the time, every time. Our track record – over 600,000 transactions since 2016 with no outages – speaks for itself.

Fully Transparent

Hypur Pay is sponsored by multiple financial institutions. We have worked with some since 2016 and all are fully aware of the nature of the transactions. Transparency creates sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hypur Pay is a mobile app for paying in a dispensary or upon delivery. Hypur Pay can also be used without the mobile for online and in-app payments. The Hypur Pay mobile app is available for Apple and Android.

Yes, but not for cannabis businesses. The credit card networks like VISA and Mastercard do not permit cannabis credit card transactions. If the card networks change their policy, and we can offer secure, cost-effective credit cards, we add cannabis credit card processing as a payment option.

Hypur’s fees are similar to credit card fees paid by traditional businesses and much less than credit card fees paid by retailers in other “high-risk” industries.

In 1 to 2 banking days – which is faster than credit card transactions.

Yes. Hypur goes to great lengths to protect your customers’ information (and your reputation). We are PCI DSS Certified which is the highest certification available and the industry standard for legitimate payment providers.

No. Hypur is based in Phoenix, Arizona, we use only U.S. based financial institutions and we don’t use a third-party payment processors so all parties that handle your transactions are held to U.S. data security and privacy standards.

Yes. We use high-availability servers so Hypur will work all-the-time, every time. We also use advanced logic to limit unnecessary rejected transactions and because Hypur is fully transparent you don’t have to worry about getting shut down when someone finds out you’re a cannabis business.

Yes. Hypur uses multiple steps during the consumer signup and transaction process to prevent fraud.

Yes. Hypur has U.S. based live support 7-days a week for you and your customers.


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