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High Risk Markets


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Pro-active Compliance.

Be alerted to potential issues before it's too late. Create alerts and triggers for things like actual-vs-expected deposits, unusual transactions and upcoming document expiration dates to monitor your accounts with ease.

Proactively manage risk rather than reacting to incidents. API data feeds of customer activity and our customizable alerts and triggers are a powerful tool to maintain the safety and soundness of your institution.

Pay as You Go Pricing.

Hypur works alongside your current systems and you choose which accounts to use our technology for. Use Hypur for accounts that have heightened regulatory requirements or when you want additional transparency.

You only pay for accounts you utilize Hypur for. This ‘partnership’ pricing strategy means we generate revenue when you generate revenue. Simply put, we succeed only when you succeed.

Your Technology Partner.

Hypur empowers you to enter markets most financial institutions avoid. Hypur helps you identify new opportunities and our technology, support, subject matter expertise, and customer acquisition strategies enable you to seize these opportunities responsibly, sustainably, and profitably.

Hypur is a thought leader in empowering commerce in underserved markets and has become a go-to source for businesses looking for banking services. 


Eliminate Blind Spots.

Traditional banking systems aren’t designed for the unique regulatory requirements of serving highly-regulated and cash-intensive industries. Leaving you with blind spots that put your financial institution at risk.

Hypur helps you eliminate blind spots by filling gaps between the capabilities of traditional banking systems and the highly specialized needs of cash-intensive and highly-regulated businesses. Providing a more transparent, 360-degree view of your accounts throughout their life cycle – improving account sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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Purpose Built Technology.

A one-size-fits-all approach to compliance doesn’t work for highly-regulated and cash-intensive businesses. You need tools specifically designed for the job.

Hypur has industry-specific tools and features designed for the unique demands of cannabis, CBD, money service businesses, and crypto. Enabling you to responsibly and profitably bank these industries.

Hypur’s industry-specific tools reduce the administrative burden of serving these markets so your bankers can spend their time serving clients and looking for opportunities.

Market Specific Bank Compliance Technology

Cannabis Banking

Technology designed for the unique demands of serving cannabis businesses

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MSB Banking

Profitably serve money service businesses using purpose-built technology

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API Connections for
Real-Time Data.

Hypur can integrate with your core system and your client’s point-of-sale or accounting systems for unparalleled levels of transparency, monitoring, and timeliness. Giving you access to actionable data you need to serve challenging markets.

Integration provides efficiencies and enables powerful capabilities unique to Hypur.

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Diversified Revenue. Higher Profitability.

Markets with a high compliance burden let you utilize risk-based pricing which can be significantly higher than traditional markets. Fees for basic bank account services in these markets typically include a fixed monthly fee and deposit volume based fees.

Leveraging technology and automating many of the additional administrative tasks of serving these businesses helps you control overhead and earn a profit commensurate with the additional work and risk.

Financial institutions can earn transaction fee revenue by partnering with Hypur as a sponsor for our payment platforms. An increasing number of businesses are looking for a legitimate alternative to traditional payment solutions making Hypur’s PCI DSS certified payment platform a leading option for financial institutions to earn transaction fees.


Integrated Client Life Cycle Management.

Serving cash-intensive and highly-regulated businesses requires comprehensive and time-consuming account management at all points during their lifecycle. Hypur’s compliance platform includes end-to-end client lifecycle management.

Hypur’s integrated client lifecycle management tools include customizable dynamic CIP/CDD/EDD online account application forms, new account review/approval rules, robust ongoing due diligence functionality, SAR handling and automation, real-time document management, case management and activity tracking. All designed for ease of audits and regulatory examinations.

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Eliminate Paper Chasing. Increase Efficiency.

Documentation requirements of highly-regulated and cash-intensive businesses can be stifling. Hypur eases the pain of collecting, organizing, and updating documents so you can focus on serving clients, not chasing paperwork.

Documents uploaded by clients during the online CIP/CDD/EDD process are added to document management using smart file-naming conventions. This ensures documents are named consistently across all clients for easy search and retrieval. Cloud-based storage puts documents at your fingertips.

Many documents need to be collected or updated periodically. Hypur makes this simple. Just set how often a document should be updated and emails are automatically sent to your client requesting a new document be uploaded directly to Hypur for your review. Hypur will name these new documents appropriately of course.


No Software to Install or Update. Easy Access to Data.

Hypur’s technology is accessed through a web-based dashboard so there is no software to install or hardware to buy, configure, or maintain. Users can access information whenever they need it – from any location and any device.

No per-user fees mean you can give access to anyone who needs it at no additional cost. Our extensive permission controls make it easy to control what your users can see and do.

Hypur’s SOC 1 Type II report and PCI DSS certified payment platform provide confidence our service is secure, and our 99.9% uptime performance means Hypur will always be available.

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Tools to Grow. Tools to
Manage Risk.

With the right technology partner, you can fuel sustainable growth by serving the growing list of highly-regulated, cash-intensive, and emerging industries. You don’t have to let the limitations of your banking systems limit your growth.

Whether you are looking to serve just a few accounts or want to build an industry-leading banking program, Hypur can help.

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