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Webinar: Banking Money Service Businesses in Today’s Environment


Hypur sponsored a webinar for CBANC members highlighting how recent events and trends have created tremendous opportunities for financial institutions.

As a result of “de-risking” by large national banks, Money Service Businesses (MSBs) across the country find themselves without bank accounts. This has created significant opportunities for banks and credit unions that are willing and able to serve them.

Understandably, banking MSB customers has many unique challenges and regulatory expectations of banking MSBs that often scare off smaller financial institutions from pursuing them, but there are solutions, tools, and technology to serve the challenges of our current regulatory environment.

The goal of the webinar, presented by John Vardaman and Andre Herrera from Hypur, is to provide banks and credit unions with such solutions and addresses the following topics:

  • The strong positioning of banks and credit unions to take advantage of the “de-risking” of MSB customers.
  • The regulatory environment for banking MSBs and how it is becoming more favorable.
  • How technology solutions enable banks and credit unions to responsibly and transparently service MSBs customers.
  • Why banks and credit unions that enter the MSB market enjoy significant leverage that translates into revenue opportunity.

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